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 Michael Jackson Tribute Show

 Featuring Pia Larsen




  Michael Jackson Tribute Show featuring Pia Larsen

The King of Pop lives on forever in our hearts. We offer an evening of his legendary hits, performed by an ensemble consisting of a backing group plus backing singers - or a Duo / backingtracks with Pia Larsen as an audience-inspiring front figure for Michael´s music

  2 x 40 min  We negotiate the fee with regard to specific conditions






         Sometimes God sprinkles a little star-dust on people at birth. 

What made Michael Jackson unique was that he shared this star-dust with all of us.....

Michael is a King. An emperor, messenger, An Artist and throughout it all he remained: A man. A man who truly cared about the betterment of nature and humankind.....

 The world doesn´t need anybody to re-sing, or re-think his songs -Michael, his songs & music will never be forgotten. So it´s in this spirit with joy and love that we wish to keep his memory and songs ever-alive, ever-glowing, ever-radiant, not only for the sake of ourself, but for the sake of our future generations.


Throughout the decades of his lifetime, as we´ve marvelled over his incredible talents as a singer and dancer, it´s also his messages that have kept us glued to the television and radio. His songs will never die - the energy he brought to the people, the music industry, and the courage he brought to our hearts and homes for a brighter day, whether geo-political or humane, is the inspiration we can act from and keep alive forever. 


Love & Gratitude 

Thank You Michael